They’re called Flatfish

I have spent far too much time worrying about what to put in this first blog post and not enough time writing it, so here I go! Writing it!

… It’s some time later now. I’ve tried to write this blog post three times now and I keep deleting it (note to writers: if you write something, DON’T DELETE IT! Yes, I’m breaking my own rule. Anything could be salvaged later.)

I can DO THIS. Here we go. Super pumped now. I’ve had a cup of tea.

Here are the mish-mash of topics I want to talk about on this blog:

  • Writing for Wellbeing – I’ve recently got involved with an organisation called ‘Lapidus’ which focuses on writing therapeutically. It’s a really interesting topic, so I will be exploring it on this blog. My first step into the world of writing for wellbeing: Journalling.
  • Comics – I love comic books. I spend far too much money on them and write them in my spare time. I have that horrible curse of being able to think in images, but not be able to have the patience or hand control to draw them. One day, I hope to have a comic of my own published.
  • Children’s writing – I do have a few children’s books published. I was a ghostwriter for a little while and occasionally I drift back to writing for children. It’s a lot of fun.
  • Games – I play a lot of games. Board games. Computer games. This will probably come up more than once. I just found my old fighting fantasy gamebooks so you know I’m going to have to talk about that.
  • Life? Probably life – Life finds a way. It will probably find a way onto this blog too.
  • Stuff – Why limit myself? I’ll probably think of something else. Fish? They’re sometimes interesting. I think those flat ones with the eyes on one side are funny. What are they called? Time for some frantic internet research!

Apparently they are called Flatfish. That seems way too obvious.

A whole blog post! Wow! I’m impressed with myself. Go me. Celebratory biscuits are in order.


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