Blogs are Challenging

This morning I woke up and decided that I want to take my blogging skills to the next level. I have done a bit of research and have found out about the Ultimate Blog Challenge. The idea is that you post something on your blog every single day of the month and it starts today.

Here’s a little picture of what it’s all about:


Already, I’m having issues with it because, well, I’m not looking to attract views or to sell a product. I just want to write for me. But I’m going to do it! Every day of July I am going to think of something to say or share and I will post it on this blog.

I might not join their Facebook page or share on their stuff, because it’s really just for me. Although I encourage you to do it, if that’s your kind of thing!

I guess that’s cheating a bit isn’t it?

This is going to go so well.

I’ll see you tomorrow.


7 thoughts on “Blogs are Challenging

  1. Hi! Everybody who’s joined has an objective, not exactly the same as what the others have. It’s admirable that you are honest in telling why you joined and big-hearted, too, to encourage others though you do not share the same reasons for joining.

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  2. There is no cheating the Ultimate Blog Challenge! I love that you are doing it – for whatever reason!
    Even for personal reasons (not selling, not promoting, etc.) some of the training we will be doing (for free) can help your blog be better for you and your visitors!

    Again, it is an honor that you have joined us! I look forward to reading what you write.


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