I’m a Playwright (I don’t play one on TV)

I’m writing a play. That’s my ‘thing’ at the moment. You know, that ‘thing’ that you want to tell everyone about all the time? I’m writing a play. I’m a playwright.

I thought it was spelt playwrite or playright for the longest time, which just goes to show how little experience I have writing plays.

The only problem is: I don’t have many friends, so pretty much everyone knows by now, so I’m writing about it on this blog instead.

It’s an interesting experience, writing a play (I’m writing a play, have you heard?) because it’s so different to what I am used to. When I am writing stories or screenplays, I imagine in my head exactly how I want it to look and then write that down.

But a play? It’s a whole other kettle of fish.

When I’m writing a play (wrighting a play?… no that doesn’t work) I have to think about the stage, the lighting, the sound effects, what props are being used, where all the characters are, what you can actually do on a stage in front of a live audience… In some ways, it’s a lot less creative than writing a story or a screenplay because you have to think in a lot more structured way

But it’s also a lot more creative. How are you going to show that dramatic, slow motion dive away from the explosion in scene three, with only lights, sounds and actors? How can you simulate someone falling into deep, icy cold water, on a completely dry stage?

I actually saw the second one in a play version of the Little Mermaid. It had three people “drowning” in under blue, flickering lights, pretending to slowly sink and fight for air, as the ‘mermaids’ swam around them. It was haunting, powerful and definitely not based on the original Disney film.

It was so well done, no one even had to say blub blub.

Needless to say, I’m enjoying it. It’s a new experience for me, and it’s a lot of fun. Plus it’s a musical, so I get a chance to have a jolly old sing song when ever I feel like it and pretend it’s research.

I mean, it’s totally research, what are you talking about?

(Note: this was yesterday’s post for the blog challenge. I’ll catch up soon!)


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