#Wellbeing Wednesday – A look at the week so far

I’ve recently joined a community on Facebook called ‘Calmer Community‘ which focuses on the wellbeing of entrepreneurs and freelancers as they travel on their career path, wherever it may lead.

Like into the middle of a forest for example. Although I have yet to see any information on how to survive in such a situation. Maybe that’s next week.


Anyway, #WellbeingWednesday is where those in the community stop to reflect on how their week is going, and I thought it would make a handy dandy blog post. So here I am, reflecting. This week we are asking ourselves three questions:

Question 1: What has gone well this week?

This has been a week of endings and beginnings. I finished one project and, on handing it in, realised how much pressure I was putting on myself to complete it.  Without that pressure, it’s like a weight has been lifted. It’s making me look more positively at my other projects, which is great.

Also, I started a new job! It’s terrifying, as usual, but I’m feeling confident about it and confident about my ability to do it, which is very unusual. A lot less negativity towards myself so I think I’ve made a step in the right direction. I just don’t know where I am going or what lies ahead.

Question 2: What has gone not so well this week?

Now to balance out the positivity, I’ve been very negative this week. Instead of celebrating the project that I finished, I decided to beat myself up about it. I read through what I wrote, and decided it was awful, and any feedback I received I turned into a negative in my mind, even though none of it really was.

It’s a nasty habit I’ve picked up. Do project, complete project, beat self up about the little things and decide I’m worthless because of project. Combine this with the pressure I put on myself to complete this project and you end up with a toxic mix.

And to make things worse: Do I feel I furthered myself as a freelancer because of the project? Not really. Perhaps it would have been wiser to just let this one go.

Question 3: What have I learnt this week?

I’ve learnt quite a bit actually. Here’s a nice list:

  • Take time to celebrate the little things and the big things. Finishing a project? Big thing. Completing another task on the to-do list? Little thing. Celebrate both.
  • If you’re using games and Netflix as a work avoidance tactic, then games and Netflix have got to go. Work comes first, then come lazy times.
  • Sometimes a walk around the block helps to clear the head.
  • Yes, lemon cake is delicious. Yes, take a break from the screens and make it.
  • If your twitter feed is full of negativity, don’t be afraid to unfollow people. Keep it light and fresh y’all.
  • … Also twitter accounts that post a photo of a cute animal every ten minutes probably aren’t the best to follow either.
  • Sometimes, I need to put my phone down. Turn it off. Step away.
  • I have way too many games installed on my computer.
  • Writing half a page of comic counts as writing.
  • Learning French is hard. I need to stick with it. It will benefit me in the long run.

And that’s just the first half of this week! (Alright, some of them have been a long time coming, but they have made particular impact this week)

Anyway, I wish you all a good #WellbeingWednesday. Don’t forget to take the time to focus on yourself. It isn’t selfish. It’s important.

Until next time.


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