Oh Swear Words

I’ve decided to start blogging from my phone, as the idea of sitting in front of a big blank screen is stopping me from writing anything. Apologies in advance for any mistakes or weird formatting!

I’m not a rebel. I like rules. Rules make me feel safe. They provide structure, security.¬† They’re like a hug, but with words and waggling fingers. Continue reading “Oh Swear Words”


Inside my Head

When I was younger, I had an imaginary friend. His name was Mind Man. Incredibly original and creative, I know.

Also he was a superhero/rockstar so, like me, he reached the upper limits of coolness.

He wore a cape like Superman with¬†MM on his chest (I was a big fan of Lois and Clark back in the day) and he was absolutely real… in his own kind of way. Continue reading “Inside my Head”